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Dear Josh

I want to love myself more. What do you suggest?

By January 15, 2012May 20th, 2013No Comments

I want to love myself more.  What do you suggest?



Basically your asking, “How do I sell myself to myself?”  First you are your own company and as in every company once in awhile you have to take inventory.  It sucks doing this.  Anyone who says that like taking time to do this is probably lying. In the process of slowing down and seeing what your assets and liabilities are you will start to sell yourself on what a good person you are.  The liabilities will also show you where you need to improve.  The key here is to realize just as in any business there is always liabilities and that every company has them.  Even the Wal-Mart’s of the world have a ledger of their liabilities.  That is why they are always having sales, promotions, and incentives, as they want to get rid of those liabilities.  They don’t like doing and you wont either.  But at the end Wal-Mart has room for more newer and better products and so will you.  Also, Wal-Mart needs to hire lawyers, consultants, and advisors to help them to decide what needs to go.  This is what friends, family and even trusted members of the clergy can help you do.  You can’t do it all alone as you may want to hold on to some sentimental products that have no value. As I said it might be hard but once you are done, the next yearly inventory reduction will be easier.  After this inventory by default you will have the higher self-esteem to know your own worth and the confidence to even sell yourself to yourself. So start the sale today and sell off those liabilities.


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