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Dear Josh

All I date is emotionally unavailable women

By January 12, 2012May 20th, 2013No Comments

Dear Josh,

All I date is emotionally unavailable women and by the time I find out 2 months have gone by. What do I do?

Washington DC


I had this problem to until I stopped dating and started information gathering.  Sounds weird huh?  I use to hook up and ask questions later, mistaking sexual attraction for love and companionship.  Now when I go on a date I ask questions like, are you looking for a relationship? Do you want to have kids someday? Are you seeing anyone else?  It may seem odd, but if you preface it by saying I really want to get to know you, a classy lady who is emotionally available shouldn’t have any problem answering a few simple questions. If she does, it might, just might, be a sign that she is not emotionally available.



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